Each Tear /S11 E1


Drugged and drained I still stare,
At this statue that resembles with every glare,
Painting and tainting each tear in my soul.


Wash away my fears
Take my away cares
My silent prayer


Broken as you left
I hoped you would return. Now
I regret each tear


Giant drops of pain awash
Each for the sins he committed
I count them as I count the stars

Drums Beats

The same world that saw our smile,
Does it know that love turned stale?
Does it know that all our efforts were futile?


I could only think of you as I shed each tear
hoping one day u will be once again near
because if not I would be living my worst fear


One drop at a time
All the dreams crashing
I knew i would never forget the pain


Why do I think about you always?
For the memories we shared,
I still do shed tears,from when you Left

Session hosted by Vaati



One thought on “Each Tear /S11 E1

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