Reflections /S12 E23


Eager to live by the second,
Define my destiny and build my castle,
Take every vow and bind my soul to the living.


Is this me, or is it you
This me I see, is a part of you
Or maybe it’s just us, the silent commotion I see in you is the commotion in me


The rainbow within comes out after a big pouring
Can you see my heart aches, that sparkle is not my eyes smiling
A mere human, wanting more, but am I deserving.


stained glass cathedral water bodies on
head-walk-sandals; goddesses on
a pedestal sucking souls of beasts of blacknations

Nyanduri Lala

I failed to recognise the person who stared back at me
Sometimes battered;lost;in pain or broken
And at times fierce;strong;in love or elated

Valentine Makoni

Broken glass mortal
Third eye, existential truth
An infinite soul

I see myself looking at you, looking at me
You on the other end, a perfect replica of me yet I see through your eyes
I see myself in you.


Arms up,holding on to the pedastals within
Each sacrifice screams,each blood sweat stares right back
Don’t be discouraged lil momma!


Session hosted by Pam

© Poetritis Nirvana


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