Trust the process /S11 E12


See the stars so bright and lighting us up,
They never fall wonder what holds them,
See the sky with clouds divided in small balls ,
They never drop down and crush our roofs,
Same way you breathe in and out, not fire like a dragon estranged,
Trust the process and have faith, there’s a controller above us all.


I trusted you
But you busted me instead
Here we stand
It is you and I
And the same process
I can’t trust
I will not trust
I should have never trusted you conspiring with the process
But maybe if you weren’t standing there
I would trust the process


I have known rejection from the people supposed to give me protection,
I know what it feels like to live in a place you are unwanted, unable to leave,
I have heard them curse behind their breaths and behind their whispers,
For so long I have been the black sheep of the family, unable to make choices because of lack of options,
There were days when I tried to force a smile but only tears could fall,
I am not where I am for nothing but I hope to raise my son differently!


Through the ups and downs, the twists and turns
i still question why life kicks me when im down
Leaving me with elaborate tattoos of scars and burns
let down by even those I consider to be the closest
as long as I breathe, all I can do is keep going
I guess I just have to trust the process


It never rains but it pours
The fire can be hotter than the blast furnace
When words feel like volcanic porridge
Tasting bitterness in every vowel
You cant spit it so you let the taste spread on your tongue
Feels like walking on hot stones,can i trust this process.


Once before, but never again.
The outcome I know, it’s always the same.
Defying the masses, going against the grain.
Forsaken by a world that knows not my name.
Now I carve my own path, make my own way.
If Heaven will not be moved, Hell I shall raise.

‬Jay jay

Going through the motions can be depressing.
When all you see is darkness in perspective.
No silver lining, no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Trusting in the process breeds life.
Rest in an infinite knowledge of how storms always end.
And of how the sun always comes back to kiss you with its rays.

Claudine‬ K.I.

•Sometimes I would expect that Life was easy
•It never was,I choose pushing hard to get busy
•I fell several times
•And from the dark I rose again
•Is it the same thing that hold you back?
•Meanwhile,The Test of Life impose us to Trust the process


All I saw were stone walls
Closing in
Stealing the air around me
I was suffocating
As I released the breath in my lungs
I was stronger
Strong enough to know
It’s a process to be trusted

Session hosted by Teloe

©Poetritis Nirvana


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