Strength /S11 E13


Sucked deep to the soul
Inspiration and motivation none
I believe I am done
All I wanna do is just run
I know i am never getting the crown
All I can wear is a frown
All strength is gone


Dedication and vigour will make you tower.
Repetition and strategy will assure you power.
Position and location can act in your favor.
Utilise your tools and accessories and deliver.
Use the muscles in your brain
The greatest strength is from within.


Push it over never let it weigh you down,
Persevere and fight back till you see the dawn,
Never look back, all you need is in you,
Stumble and fall, but rise like the sun,
Beat the odds and make your all glow,
Never let go till it’s all under your command.


My temperament tranquil, it is taciturn.
Words to paper out they churn.
Like flame to a fire, imitation will burn.
A world anew, that is all I yearn.
Thoughts unfiltered, donot take offence.
Constant, unstoppable once they commence.
I long for reality, truth, no pretence.
This silence, my silence, my greatest strength.

Session hosted by Ever.

©Poetritis Nirvana S11


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