Abstract /S11 E8

It is what it is in itself

Yet to the observer it’s what you make of it

Luminous linguistic strings, dimensions of emotion and forms of expression

Yes i am a freak of abstraction, the very basis of the fabrication of my universe

Maybe not

Neither is it a language for the weak hearted, nor the oblivious novice.

Jay Jay

I am that complicated blend or so I was told.
I do not fit a particular mould rendered outstanding.
I neither choose to conform nor toll the line.
May colours resemble all that is. It may not always make sense.
But I have learned the sense in being comfortable in me.
And it is found in exploring all the colours that make up me.


I was made to last
My being was never yours to grasp
The romantic rebel
Chaotic confusion
Enigmatic, He made it that way
Made me that way

Session hosted by Jay Jay

©Poetritis Nirvana S11


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