This is Nirvana /S10 E20

Blue Envy

This is nirvana.
Find peace in this realm
Where race dominates and constructs this room
Find solace in your solitude. For you are me and I am you
This is nirvana where anything is possible
The only limit is your imagination


With my dreams chattered,
Despair beyond imagination,
A ray of hope piercing through the darkclouds
I can feel it coming, my Hakuna matata,
No worries, no pain, my heaven on earth
My Nirvana..


It looks like poetic justice
Metaphors and idioms dance around the same symphonies
It looks like freedom
It lures you to the depth of expression
And permits your mind to draw the images of words
This is Nirvana


Where ever you decide joy’s home should be should never matter
The definition you attach to value
Might have no substance
For home is not IN the heart
Home IS the heart
That is true nirvana

Nigel Stephen

A crazy song
Swirling indefinitely around my cranial maze
Shoving me over the comfort line to confront the unknown.
Challenge sonnets, tackle ballads, grab balls and slay bulls.
This is nirvana, brains are fed in Samson’s braids,
Veins punctured, pages splattered in blood,
Follow the blood trail on the nirvana family tree, a story is told.


This is enigma
Something you can’t explain
This is sigma
The sum of earth and space
This Nirvana
A dancing pen on page


This is Nirvana, a home of the misunderstood
Their ways are discerned only by those who possess
The likeness in freedom writing
Unlimited to poetry and arts which feeds their souls
Their sole inspiration in becoming who they are
Is found within the other


Once the doors opened,
I had no idea of what it’d be,
But see it became more than home,
Every corner filled with consolation,
Ink by ink, page by page,
This is how my therapy was reborn.


Reincarnated into a denizen not of heaven But standing as a god
Embodied with an attitude of supreme happiness
Jesus-like stating beatitudes
This is Nirvana
Complete bliss,delight and peace factored in

©Poetritis Nirvana


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