The recipe /S11 E3


As if being was the only part and parcel of the ingredients laid out before
Some say ts all about knowing where & when to be alive as well as the why

Removed from their natural state & humble home, the pot will more than fill
what can they do when it is not up to them but down to earth hidden in nourishment

The time shall come as you look back and realise it was more than just a meal
Stirring and cooking up a storm as the passion was a brew beneath the surface


It was the family’s secret recipe
Some sweetness, goodness and kindness
A teaspoon of humility and a bowl full of angelic smiles
I found it crumbled in some old trunk
Granny wrote it down,the secret to happiness
Passed from her great grandmother i was using it also


Life lays a recipe before us
We ought to choose from them but at times we can’t
Our pasts are part of them we try to forget
but they are worth a reminisce for what they built us into
Love, pain and Bitterness are recipes for an interesting life
We’ve got treasure everyone of them


Maybe you’re the sugar in my tea,
Maybe you’re the black pepper in my meat,
Maybe you’re the mayonnaise,
Or the salt in my eggs,
I don’t know either,
But you spice up my world.


A concoction of my herbs,
A pinch of my flavours,
Mixed with some ink and rubber,
Steamed in rhymes and notes from within,
Roasted and coated with love and algebra,
A-Z, served any how as my poetry

Mimyie Benhura

Take that cracked pot behind all the others
Do not rinse it just let the waves of time swirl in it
Stoke the fire and let it come to a boil
The screams of your life will fill the air
From the pot slowly take out what you need to live another day
A scoop of laughter or a dash of pain
It is your recipe my darling


A pinch of this and a drizzle of that
Twist, turn and stir
Remember, do it the way Nana said how
Burn the insence and drive away demons
Cast spells that summon
Healing spirits

Session hosted by Sue

©Poetritis Nirvana


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