Shades /S10 E13


Sweet serenade, the berry is as juicy as the colour of its skin.
The booty is as salacious as the apple bottoms hugging it.
I see you lick lips and drooling at this ass on my chest.
Can you handle all this melanin glow luminescence?
Grab the cocoa butter and rub down my shoulders.
Stand on the stall and place the crown on my imported hairpiece.


Caramel and all chocolates whose taste I do not know
But the taste of all shades of beauty I can recite
Even deep in slumber, then the feeling of heat
In my bulging loins, all from the thoughts of the shades of
Brown-skinned women whose feminity drip from their smiles
And my hand turns to dust as I try to grab one for possession.


Jump my soul into an ebony vessel
Bolt the doors, weld the valves, add a bit of melanin to enhance the shine,
To my tambourine figure, to quiver like a peacock’s rainbow quills,
Conquer the men’s world while they daze under the colorful deceitful haze.
Only to awaken under the you snoozed and lost, shameful shade.
I got your balls, you and all the boys,
Too bad you ain’t got boobs for back up.


White chocolate
Drizzled over
Strawberry sweetness
Pear shaped thickness
hourglass curves
Skin smooth
Glazed in berry butter
Concoctions that make
Shades of Beauty


She has roots dancing on her skin, deeply planted stripes stretched on her hips
Her skin resembles the soil,in all it’s diversity
She represents the life before the serpent
She is the garden of Eden,
A place of worship, painted with different shades of Black.



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