Her heart /S11 E4


There was no way out
The pounding only increased
The end was at hand


Her heart, she claimed, was made of the finest of pure essence itself.

She assured me it was the proverbial panacea i was after all along.

well trained, if not born con woman, she is, no better than the rest of us.


Her heart hides the deepest pain that she carries
The world may not see how mortal and imperfect she is within cause they are blinded by her smile
Her heart breaks from internal torture and hopelessness


Her heart pounded with the rhythm of the African drum,
Blood like sweat dripping as she endured the scorching heat that watched over her daily toil,
Every seed she buried beneath the dry earth represented a promise of a better life for her children back home.


Her Golden heart would be judged for being too effusive
As the World Convinced her to be more Stiff and Weak
She decided that despite all the Struggles, Love and Humility will always Conquer.

Jay Jay

Her heart was an abstract painting, a story with twists and turns.

Lessons written on it for generations to ponder and learn.

Pain, happiness, it knew it all but with grace grew from it all


She of the sun, she was a force undeformed.
An oak cask of rum, liquid fire in her ventricles.
She had a heart of stone, only chisels could carve.


It knew how to bleed and how to bend
It knew how to carve smiles and make others dance to its rhythm
But it never knew how to beat for her


The best part of her
That which speaks the loudest
That which yells FREEDOM


Bleeding profusely,
She chose life and strength,
Smiles kept her heart alive

Her heart is the most amazing piece of her,
Its been broken and trampled and crushed and dirted,
Yet, somehow, she is still breathing and loving!


Is gold in some dusty,old forgotten mine
Its rare to find such,you would kick her thinking its a stone
Her heart is warmth to those who are cold.

Session hosted by Bellah

©Poetritis Nirvana S11


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