Exhale /S10 E19


Rolling like a roller coaster,
My soul so serene I think I’m drowning,
Too much main, lots of anguish,
My cup is full I can barely breathe,
I’m not giving up though I’ve got to fight,
Not joining the crowds I’ll just exhale.


The air is tainted with sins of yesterday
Broken souls are crossing paths
The wicked dwell among the people
Different gods are clustered above the same sky
We breathe in the same air tainted with sins of yesterday
And we exhale air tainted with the sins of today.


I tried to keep it in, struggled to make it on my own,
Withered in my anguish, smothered in pain but I still kept it in,
I decided to make it my own, and made it a part of me,
For years it seemed to be a part of me, better still we became one,
And for a moment, just a tiny winy moment, I believed, I could just hold it in,
I made it a point that it never shows to the outside world….
But in the blink of an eye, it became too much, too much to hold it in..
And I had to let it go, I just had to exhale….


Entangled within myriads of defects
Puff and puff don’t pass, seek comfort in countless stubs.
overwhelmed, overpowered, innards siphoned in dark gravitational pool, soul swirling,
Heart swelling, palms sweating.
I can’t bear the mental sting, lungs mutilation,
Butterflies rebellion, fire flies within, emotions ablaze, sanity amock.
One Last in hell, channel my soul to hades, the devil concurs. I heard him say “don’t exhale” .


We were shadows from the strobe lights
Our bodies’ transluscent silhouettes ghost like
So we four-five our pleasures in night time
Still searching for the truth poking God’s eye
Screaming freedom, with our hands up high
We only exhale when we come off our trances


Needle thick as a fountain barrel
Had to penetrate through the membrane
Wiggle through The vertebrae
And drew out the cream coloured infested cerebrospinal fluid
I Exhaled deeply
I told you my migraines are not a result of this bad relationship


I’m haunted by the hearts that I broke,
Chased by the emotions I had to choke.
Aimlessly I ravaged the feelings of poor souls,
I tried to tell my self to stop but this is what my ego chose.
So I took in the smoke from the hope I burnt
And it’s now eating up, I desperately need to exhale.


Let it linger
The sweet sensations running down your spine
To places unknown
When you get there
Hold it a bit
Then exhale



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