Like the lotus flower /S10 E3


Lotus is the name she gave
With time i learnt she was as fragile as the same
As she accused me of playing her for fun when love wasn’t a game


Subtle, like the moons rays
Sprinkle sparkling silver dust over me
Let me make a wish, to be enveloped in your warmth for an eternity.


Spread your wings and Bee honey
For where the sun shines
Love will nectar in bloom


Heavenly blossom, bloom boldly
Courage drove you to love me
Sing to me, Oh so joyously, silently


Your smooth talk serenaded through my waxed ears.
Your beautiful mind vexed my intellect.
I want to be the stem to your petaloid soul.

Nigel Steph:

Every morning l have contemplated imprisoning you in a jar on the corner table,
Leave you to the mercy of the starved room air to suck your glossy aroma to depletion.
But love doesn’t hurt nor kill, l’ve learnt to love you for where you are.


Beauty of the slums
Spring of the desert
Sun of the clouds


self cleansing aquatic nature
standing strong in stature
perennial in nature


That deep voice doesnt suit your pretty face
I expected silky nectar flowing from your ovary
Imagining petals teasing my core thoughts till im an eccedentesiast…


Your beauty commands me.
Your scent frees me
I am in awe of your magic


You’re not your beginnings, but you are the flower that embodies the spontaneity of young love.
Undeniable beauty.
Soley devoted to appeasing the soul.

‬Critic wolf:

Just like every petal tells a story Your love is pure and sacred like the lotus…
Its so rare yet so fair …me and you are likely to be a great pair …


Beauty and glamour,
Spreading nector in summer,
You were born to glow.


Stay deeply rooted,
Firmly and strong,
For you are all that you need to be.


Blossom oh beautiful flower
From your roots kissing the soil to your sun kissed petals
Let your fragrance contaminate the air around you.

©Poetritis Nirvana


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