Free Spirit /S10 E7

Free spirit


Doors wide open

Hearts broken

Tear soakin

Emotion cookin

Smokes up ,guess they are not free spirits

There just trying to forget

These wars & battle scars


Let it roam into the deepest corners.
Let it surf back to its owners
Meditate to calm each demon
Only those that need redeeming
Let it go to the darkest parts of earth
then only will you know what you were before birth

Gyrating on the rays of dawn
Kicking up cosmic dust, blinding the night and its gloom.
Mythical millennial chants reiterated to protect the living from the world’s doom.
Enlarged smiles driving the sun to light up the room and raise the son.
They are the free spirits, bound to no realm.


Tumulus souls cumulate cummulus energy
As the fool moon throws its shade on dark silhouettes
Dare to dream a day dream like the blind visualise
The paraplegic blow steam, though they seem still
Like the river between, but raging within.
Keep faith, leap and pursue your dreams


Get up
Be you
Do you
OWN you!


Feel the sky and taste the crimson of the sunset in between mountain ranges.
Feel the jazz in your fingers.
Sway with the trees when the wind blows.
Wear your happiness like a cloak.
Align your mind and your body to some Badu.
Breakdown and do it all over again.


Unleashing that spririt within me
That which cries freedom
I make the leap
Leaving the troubles of the past behind
I take the leap
And crossover to a new being
Am possessed by the spirit of freedom.

I’m not a Jah Lady , neither am I a Rasta Woman.
I am a soul that fell in love with slows inhalations of chained spliffs;
Smells of peaceful auras riding on thin air;
I am the lover of soothing symphonies, I love watching myself dance freely from a distance.
I paint my stories, my imagination goes beyond the clouds.
I am not Jah Lady but my friends are Herbalist Farmers.


Singing at the top of my voice,
This is how I feel within my soul,
Not caged just free like a bird,
Not grounded like a prisoner,
A free spirit that’s what I am,
My chords just got a new life.


To laugh all day over nothing and everything
Sleep in on a busy work day; still get paid
Dress 80’s or 2020’s
Be a child in the morning and an adult in the evening
Waltz with the croaks melody by the busy high street
Dreams that will only be in my free spirit


It was never choice but circumstances that brought about my sorrow
It got to a point where i forgot that mood they call mellow
Tried holding on wishing and hoping that it would be better tomorrow
Changed never came my social life was now a fallow
The I met a stoner wagon and I had to follow
Now they call me a free spirited fellow


Free, thats all you were born to be
Like eagle and bird roam free
Be who you want to be
Deserve the right to sing the song of victory
Dare to cause change, your truth don’t stop to speak
Free to be, free to live, question the haters and continue to inspire me

©Poetritis Nirvana


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