Against all odds /S10 E2

We have nothing but us,
Tearing each other apart,
Yet mending back our paths,
As we try to gather our hearts,
Even if distance tries to separate us, Or haters trying to kill our vibe,
You know I love you through it all.


The sun’s rays knocked against our backs as we carried each other day by day.
The winter rains came down harder on our parade.
Slaving away at our insecurities’ untimely demands.
At times I found myself knitting together the harsh words we exchanged, trying to cover myself during cold nights.
Then I remembered the first day we met…
Your hand still carries a warmth like no other.

-Vivienne Maya.

Even when the year h beneath us trembled
And the skied above us threatened Even we our insides wailed
And made an opus for the ages Even when all was against us and they said we couldnt
Even then, we survived.


Whether the sun makes your heart shine or melt
Or the moon moans in your ears and whisper love songs
I dont mind screaming at you even if you are deaf
I will swim in the clouds if i have to Should i float on water just to hold your hand
Sacrificial frost will i swallow to fulfil the quest we began…


Two hearts beating in sync
Held together by the strings of life. Arm stretched grasping at love, failing to let go “She’s my calm in the storm” “He’s my light, gazing through the thick clouds of delusions”
Clichéd but priceless
Poised and righteous
We hold on to our love With endless kindness.


He gave her warmth
She gave him rest.
They defied the odds together
Birds of different feathers flocked forever.


Freezing and melting,
Options we tackle as obstacles, Standing beside our souls,
Glued together by the rays of what we share,
Raising to overcome the little pressures,
This is what we were meant to be.


I would like to be the air that inhabits you.
Even just for a second I would like to that unnoticed but necessary
Whats lost behind your maze of perfection entices me.
You the light to my storm


©Poetritis Nirvan


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