The Devil Wears Prada


The Devil Wears Prada:

St Valz:
A puppets progeny, who knew trash swam inside a clerics scrotum.
No true origin, I raised my girls right, only for them to fall for the same man.
Lesson will never be learnt, lies will fill his void ad definitum finem

Teeth trimmed, tail folded, nails polished
With his slim-fit suit of deception, duplicity and treachery
You won’t recognise that you been playing Black Jack with Lucifer himself

He came like a knight but into the night his face was darkness where light should have been
His hands filled with shards of glass he claimed were diamonds that my ring would be made of
Careful young one snakes and trash all end up the same way, alone in eternal darkness hated by men

The devil wears Prada, but what does he know about the rules of life … Nada
Coaxed by the many voices in his head , the results are like giving cocaine to a nerd.
Stuck in a world of fantasy deluded to the mindset that he can be anyone he wants to be.
Don’t follow him just be poised and reserved like me.

The gates of Hades wide open, out came the devil
He headed for Nirvana, there were many diamonds to devour so he secretly hid his devilish traits
His intention was known not by man but he did promise Prada and forgot Lucifers actually don’t know much about beauty.

Out of the flames he came, thinking he could devour
Only he got engulfed, by his own trap, his own tail refusing to wag between his lies
for he walked in with Prada but left with Nada!! Applause, for the gates of hell have come to ignite their own

The devil comes by night time, sells them dreams
Whispers lies, songs of the forgotten future
Behind his facade lies a attention seeking, docile tick, leeching love from unsuspecting girls

Oh! Silly we all acted wanting it, wanting to be with him though he bickered; he was bitchy.
In periodity and short of death his magic he worked
wooing us into the weaved webs of assumed riches.
And to the false security and made up important self-identity we did succumb.

©Poetritis Nirvana


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