Trapped between four walls
Bounded by leashes and chains
Taken against my will
I wanna escape but I’m suspended
My aura radiating, inner strength releasing from me infuriating
Like being over exposed to gamma rays I break the chains
I’m liberated
Before me stands the enemy summoning a battle
Defeat creeps up behind him Unshackled I take a trip down the glory road
Prepared to be evoked

No comprise,
No demise,
As I walked out the door,
She yells, to her knees she feel,
Pleading begging, encrypted my feelings, looking through the window,
I be dammed if I go back to restraints that been creeping
Unshackled writings on the wall & painted on the ceiling

Who we are
What we have seen
Where we belong
It seems all gone
Universes unshackled colliding with my world
Contemplating on nothingness
It’s all that left

I used to think I was cursed because
I was vocal on paper than with people
Confined in a universe of words
Constantly trying to fight this hot lava of vocabulary
Begging and screaming to be set free
My epiphany moment came rushing out
I hid no more, the world would finally see
The real me….in writing, unashamed, unshackled!

Our minds were in shackles, but his Word is the key
We knew His truth and the truth set us free
But keeping this freedom is an battle we fight every day
Cause the dark forces won’t stop until our freedom is taken away
A recurring “Aluta Continua!”, the fight of good faith we continue to fight,
To be the last ones left will require us to always do right…

The chains that bind me
Quad and margin
Block after block of hinges
Fandom relations, capped, waiting to exhale
Backwards is forwards, forwards is standing still
Soaked in regrets, tears clothed in ‘what ifs’
Unable to fathom this desk-chair tango as breadwinning endings and bathrooms
Pull the stopper
Unshackled me-FREE!

This theory needs attention, yes
Humanity conceptualise freedom, yet
We are bound to the normality of the universe
Unshackled, Moon will be playing lead on that mic
Mars will be getting red on that guitar
Sun will be getting hot on that beat
And planet Earth will be going down on that on that ass
That is the abnormality set

Playing at the bottom like the minority
Hands interlocked, fingers in weave tracing my tracks
I cringe at the feel but pretend to make a squeal,
No dominants just equal in our desire
I let him think I would rather be spread eagle free to probe; unshackled
But all I can think of is whips chains, clamps
A cosmic feeling of being bound to be unbound; chained and release, unshackle!

The stone the builders rejected;
Erupted in volcanic religious ingested doctrines
Doctorates are caps of knowledge useless
If the knowledge of the god within is absent
Faith propagated, knowledge unsolicited
Bums, drunk on drums of rum, run
But the destination is an imaginary haven created
Cosmic constellations unshackle ether; light comes right in.

Soul and mind uncompressed
My aura billows of beaming noesis
Exuding the cognition of a super being
Reflection of God, his image is in the mirrors soul
Unshackle these chains which are an immanent act of mind
So I can generate formulas, and teach you what we need to know
A man I deify appeared in my dream and said
“You are everything, and everything is you!”


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