The blacker the berry

The blacker the berry the sweeter juice,
From e crack of the whip
Sailed off our mother lands grip
Exotic beauty poured and stained the world full of pebbles and silt
A negative picture without the black can’t be seen
Carbon can’t be fine without print
Our woman conceive prolific
The blacker the berry exquisite

A Mac:
Enchanted by ancestral bliss
Dipped in honey sweet
Hidden in the depths of my people
Termed exotic
Yes I dance in darkness as stars ooze out of me
Ask those who have tasted me
The blacker the berry the sweeter the thighs

We all hatched white
But we never envied this light
Dipped in the blackest of tar
Just to enhance this already gorgeous looking lulu
Snowy white teeth emerging from this hand-crafted facial wall
Red lippy splashed on that marinated doll
Eventually, black comes with an enormous behind

The blacker the berry the harder the trials
Misunderstood countless times
Milky, creamy, caramel light are a delight
My dark chocolate skinned sisters
Hidden from the lime light because
The world deems them “unpretty.”

The blacker the Berry the thicker nectar
He who refused to try, him deprived
Better than wine, sweeter with time
The melanin in my skin carries a burden of stigma
My skin color, my strength
Often bounded by the shackles of Babylon
The tar of my skin, my lubricant to release
The darker the berry, the more I shine

Black is the new black
As a matter of fact it is the essence of beauty
Ebony rich skin, fifty shades of chocolate
The blacker the berry, the better the fruit
Picked ripened, tantalisingly sweet, men topple at their feet
Visibly inebriated, drunk in love, eye spy indulgences kiss
A forgone conclusion, heavenly bliss!

Big buried black; the heart of the Egyptian mummies
grace of Baartman, pride of Shaka; envy of white dummies
Fertile soils, game reserves; Columbus’ discovered the falls?
Bible wielding; gun-slinging; knee-less robbers
Rob the black sunlight; at twilight
the moon cries white tears on a black sky
Sons of Ntu packed in matchboxes, a pig sty
The blacker the berry, the more vulnerable to white monkeys..

Your complexion doesn’t change the complexity of your mind.
What you see is what you get, rotten apples are very shiny.
Can you carry a conversation all night without reminding me of your beauty sleep honey.
You are made in Gods image, who made you hate yourself.
As healthy as a black berry, oozing vitamins, embrace yourself.


All that melanin floating about your bones like disease
We have grown accustomed to the condition called black
Pitch black will never make you the bright light
Unless you lead yourself to some filtering products,
Be saved from the dark!
Fight off all the pigment that makes you look like a slave
It is sadistic to keep your body so enslaved
The blacker the berry, the further from white


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