Empty Souls: S02E06

Push, push, push
The agony that only pain itself can comprehend
Good news awaits but first lets hold hands
Every soul in meditation
Marked with signatures of joy upon their faces
The fruits of all their labor is finally expressed
That empty soul creeping out from beneath that empty hole
All that awaits is fulfillment

Ras munroe:
The first cry signals life
Tears of joy intertwined with smiles
Soon to fade as hopelessness settles in
A bright future envisioned
Darkens into a nightmare
As this purposeful life
Wastes away at e behest of drug filled living

Empty souls, voids representing a real life zombie walking within our midst,
I can’t begin to live because they’re too busy trying to figure out why I exist,
Lost all touch of reality cause you took away what was real to me,
A wrecking ball at full speed straight to my face,
That’s what your treachery feels to me,

A Mac:
When you come home early
You see them kissing by the door.
Your soul floored walking on the
Broken glass of your heart.
You cry at the realisation that
All those nights you made love
You were filled with empty souls.
And now you know one.

Danai Daisy:
For the last time we moved carelessly, with an animated glee
Dusting off the cobwebs of past resentments harbored
We laughed loudly and then deeply
With the knowledge that we could never fulfill each other
No matter how much we tried,
For the last time we let music echo in the empty abyss that was us..

I gave you all love in me,
Every piece of love in me was yours,
I even let have my soul.
But you have left,
Left everything in pieces,
All love I gave you, you trashed.
My soul was left empty in love

Ladies of the night, hookers, prostitutes, sluts
They go by so many degrading names
Night after night they give lust hungry men fulfillment
Secretly, it’s her way of numbing the painful childhood memories
Daddy creeping up in her bed at night, “Hush, Imma take care of you.”
That gang who drugged her at a party & took turns
They all used to be sweet and innocent girls
But they became the world’s victims …now just empty souls

A new human is a blessing, an innocent soul.
In my laboratory, it’s an experiment, I watch a speck grow.
All this preparation but the result is on point.
The apex of the pyramid is the sharpest point.
Religious fanatics are against my missions’ goal.
They think a human not from God is an empty soul.

©Poetritis Nirvana


4 thoughts on “Empty Souls: S02E06

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  2. Pingback: Empty Souls: S02E06. An amazing group of people with Talent born of the stars. humbled to be a part of this team | mystorymyownwords

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