Poetritis Nirvana – S01E01: From The Concrete I Rose


From The Concrete I Rose


Consider the jagged scars
Sketched on my heart
That are souvenirs
Of past rendezvous
And battles fought
Whose realisation were sad endings
And never happy ever afters


Protected by a posture, thorns not sort,
A fragrance and elegance
A charm only discipline will call for,
Soft peach buds, in between
Cracks soils were your lustrous deep roots grow from
Find the inner me; my heart…..

I rose up from the dirty not worthy.
Thin stem from little food and water not plenty.
From concrete cracks my bud bloomed
Now I got solid acts, was nearly doomed
Colourful butterflies land on these damaged petals


Even when My inner being died
I still strived to take even e poorest stride
I fell and still revitalised
Like the liquid man
They scorned and tried to break my back bone
But they never won,
Like dust I rose and flourished
Now their hate has vanished

©Poetritis Nirvana


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